MRS BEST´S BLOG: My Upgrades

Time: 1pm

Guest Status:  Nil ... have the wonderful problem of trying to enjoy a guestless guest house

Attire:  Shorts and fav new sweatshirt 

Weather: Cloudy with meatballs

Coffee /Cava Tally: Coffee complete 

Phew what a couple of weeks! 

Even if I wanted to write more of this blog malarkey I wouldn´t of had time and that is such a good thing. 

I have got my teeth into a new idea that I didnt realise was a new idea at first. It started as helping out a mate and simplifying something she was already doing fantastically, and then on the back of it, I realised that I´m missing an opportunity for an upgrade here at Casa Kisi.

I ramble, sorry...

I´m talking about the new tapas boards that are now available here at anytime of the day, although I doubt we would get many orders for breakfast time. I was going down the mezze platter route, schmancy, however quickly realised you have to do what you do best and thats simple food done very well, and also I wanted to add my new obessession which is focaccia, that and trying to keep it a bit spanish, it is tapas after all or is it really just picky bits ?

Anyway... a bit simple, a bit cost effective and a lot delicious, we have come up with a triffic board of fantastic delights that can be pre ordered and placed in the room fridges so guests dont have to have a 3 course meal with us if they want to eat a hearty spanish lunch when out and about but simply come back and crack a bottle of red and enjoy the tapas at there own leisure.

Win, win i reckon.


It´s quite amazing how involved it gets for a simple service/idea to come to fruition.

The costing, cooking, and designing is the easiest bit.  The advertising, adding to the advertising channels, replacing confirmation emails with our alternative choice on arrival and presentation, stock control, and storage have taken a healthy lump of my week. It´s true though , when you do more - you do more.

Not a moment for Kardashians this week !

1 sold already and the guests were delighted with it after a day in Granada.

The memo about July being closed has clearly lifted and we are now very close to full! It´s quite amazing how 24 hours can change everything. Lots of UK guests which is great. I´m wondering whether to advertise in America as Malaga has now advertised a direct flight to New York. Quite amazing really and if I ever fancied New York for New Year i would be very happy about it, but I dont, so I´m not. But American guests are something we haven´t had ...yet.

We have been working hard on adverts for the hot tub package and the planning on where and when. The first ad went out yesterday to our VIP FB page (if you stay here , you can join if you want to!) and the main page ad went out today

The response has been very positive with enquiries and a couple of bookings for December already. We are hoping its a tempting way to enjoy our mountain in the cooler months. Sunshine and sweat even in the mountain air, isnt everyones idea of heaven. A hot tub under the stars and a refreshing few steps in a furry dressing gown to sit in front a roaring log fire is what many desire as well.

A popular TV programme we have been on (lol) is filming the whole process of digging, wiring, putting together, and everything else, so 2024, you can enjoy their take on our jeopardy with this new idea, and the happy ending we are sure to get before its aired!

The weather is still unpredictable and I´m assuming that´s why this weekend is empty, I can´t think of any other reason as its the first weekend since March we have had empty. We are enjoying some being normal time and have not stopped working as yet, of course!

Next upgrade is our fitness regime a.k.a dog walking and cardio up mountain climb. Daily. I have done it for a week. So far. I can now walk up the whole hill without having to stop and gasp for breathe, so I´m achieving something and finally I have found the perfect reason for having a 60 kilo mastin ..., he is fantastic at pulling you UP the hill. Not a lot stops that boy when he´s on the way home for breakfast. The walks around here are simply endless and I´m hoping to extend the workout and go on serious hikes asap! I will discuss it with dezza and get back to you.

Maybe in 90 degree heat it wont be so much fun?

Last upgrade..., mattress topper, singular, unfortunately atm, as the funds need filling up to purchase another (bloody hell they are expensive and with a mattress protector they don´t come cheap) but we can literally sleep easier knowing the queen size bed in one of the rooms is now exceptional and the king size bed in the other is still incredible and will be exceptional asap!

Apart from 2 more sunbed covers and a hammock, my shopping list for 2023 is complete. (fluffly dressing gowns and slippers for said hot tub excluded)

We got there! Go us !!!

I´m now off to help my assistant complete the recipe books we have been going on about for months and finally get them out there to be sold!

Watch this space...