MRS BEST´S BLOG: My Winter Preparations

Time: 1pm

Guest Status:  Room 1 check in later (old friends who have booked an escape from the coast and teenagers for a night)

Attire: Pj´s still!! (Will shower and get dressed asap, promise)

Weather: Greyy & Dank

Coffee /Cava Tally: 100% Coffee

And just like that we are into winter.

Have to say I’m completely excited for the moment. It’s my favourite time of the year by far. Warm sunshine days and cosy log fire nights.

We had our first load of olive wood for the fire with the delivery from Paco, and Derik was as supreme a guard dog as ever... and decided the warm sunshine was more important!

We have changed around Casa Kisi for the better and the front is now the back, and the back door is now the front!! It started with building our much loved third member of team Kisi a padded cell, ahem, I mean kennel, and everything changed about from then.

All completed and looks smashing only for Dezza´s talents to reach amazing new levels, as he has decided to jump the fence and gates that have kept him in safely for over a year, so my assistant is outside trying to figure out another way to keep him in.

The game never gets old, and Derik is clearly the winner!

Simon put the dog inside to keep him safe and not able to run away only for him to eat his way through 2 plastic Halloween pumpkins to get to the 20 or so chocolates and chewy sweets hidden inside, and a Frankenstein mask for good measure.

Well done Dezza and all this before 8 am, no one ever wonder why I drink!

The dining room has had Phase 1 of the winter decorations - put in place with the addition of the first set of armchairs and coffee table.

The guests (and us) put them to use immediately and its so nice to have somewhere to sit when the weather isn’t great or whilst waiting for the chef to prepare a tasty smackerel of something. 

Or even simply to read a book and take in the wonder of this magical old cortijo we call Casa KiSi.

Phase 2 is another set of chairs lol and phase 3 is all thing Kisimas but the next blog will show you all that!!

I have had great success in making my first Christmas cake and my assistant has had great success in eating it! I didn’t add the alcohol in the end, and I want to have it available over Kisimas for all, even having mini ones as a stocking filler for sale and even though it seems that Christmas cake isn’t Christmas cake without the liquor its now Kisimas cake … sounds much better than alcohol free cake.

My Kisimas cutlery holders and table centres are made, I have planned the things for the Santa shop but as they are mostly edible, I can’t make them yet!! The gingerbread house is planned but again unable to make and build as it’s too early so I’m just counting down the days tbh.

I shall start on planning Valentines or Besos at Kisi week 2024 as any true business would be doing, I’m sure!!   Watch out for details (when I think of them!) but 9 to16 Feb Ish with plenty of hearts and smush to give any partner massive brownie points if it was booked!

I must give credit to the wind beneath my wings and share Simon’s crumpets. OMG.. tea plate sized and taste just like the ones you buy, but better, because you can kid yourself your only eating 1 instead of 3.

Size after all doesn’t matter eh, its what you do with it, and I add loads of real butter and marmite … what do you put on yours?

We are planning on adding them to the breakfast menu as they freeze and toast brilliantly. They are even available if anyone wants to buy some to take home.

Along with a crumpet addition to the breakfast menu we are changing the December a la carte menu for some dishes that are heartier and winter warming.

We will be running our Kisimas Afternoon tea and Kisimas Christmas lunch separately but will have a side menu for our overnight guests who are staying on to enjoy the hot tub, delicious breakfast and everything Casa KiSi has to offer.

I guarantee no one will leave here without feeling Christmassy and ready and raring for the festive season.

A random photo I took on our recent visit back to London where we ticked off many things from our bucket list.

Quite a famous light I’d say. know it?

If you do, then please let us know before Dec 1st, 2023, and a Kisimas gift will be waiting for you when you visit.

On a final note, the hot tub …. did we mention we had a hot tub hahahahahah...  but I really want to give a final massive kiss to my assistant because quite frankly, without him, a lot of the madness I create wouldn’t happen.

From a lighting engineer (a very good one I may add), to a massively underpaid assistant, chef, carpenter, lighting technician, Derik’s dad, handyman, website builder, ad creator, bookings manager, cleaner, bar man, tech guy, bank manager, travel agent, guest house entrepreneur, and most importantly my husband!

Love you bestie … haven’t we created something wonderful!

Fancy being looked after and spoilt with a weekend away in the mountains for Valentines?