MRS BEST´S BLOG: My Best View In The World

Time: 11.00am

Guest Status:  PHd students on the terrace studying...

Attire:  Shorts and T-shirts still (not hooray!)

Weather: Clear blue skies and 28 degrees C

Coffee /Cava Tally: Coffee but should be cava as it is my birthday!

Holy moly what a few weeks that was!  I actually thought I had pushed my assistant a little bit too far in the hot tub whole debacle, but hey, we done it. We have it and the fact that it has exceeded even our expectations makes it pretty amazing. Why? Because I have never felt anything so empowering, peaceful, energising, mindful, and breathtaking as when you sit in it and just breathe, and take stock of your surroundings. It is quite amazing. The bookings show people are eager to get a slice of the same and we are grateful for that, as in any business a big purchase is a gamble, but some bets are higher risk than others. This bet was always low risk. We are fully booked missing a couple of nights until 2nd week of November until beginning December, so basically 3 weeks to get to book, wow!

Only downside is we now have to share the tub …. Am off to find the manipulation technique to get my assistant to build another one exclusive for us!! *May take some skill as his ptsd of this project is quite real atm!!

We had the complete pleasure of some more wonderful guests that left as good friends and a firm booking for Kisimas in the diary! They brought some board games for us to share with them and 2 of which I had never played or heard of, Shove ha’penny and Sequence. Each from different generations but both a hot recommendation from us. Many hours were spent laughing, drinking, and playing these games and I´m proud to say me & Si  won at shove ha´penny (was filmed by a channel 4 tv programme for evidence (and myself and Diane won against the boys at Sequence. Personally I can see the strong denominator in each team. I was always taught to play to win in life and in anything, and am quite proud of my competitive skill …2 hot tubs here we come!!!

I have broken a lifetime record and purchased my 2024 diary in September.

It used to be a Christmas gift and I would spend a great time before Jan 1 filling in what’s happening next. I have had to start that now….busy busy …so grateful. The year is gathering momentum, and we are looking at ending 2023 with a sold-out sticker, somewhere!

Kisimas has been a roaring success and the nearer the season looms we are now getting lunches and afternoon teas booked. The unashamedly full on advertising campaign that we launched has worked and guess what…. I am planning it all again for Valentine’s week. Yes, thinking of Valentines in October, woo!

Wanted to share with you the cutest Salt and Pepper shaker in Spain. And a oil, smelly thing, just as cute.

Gifts from guests whom have visited the local honey museum in Colmenar and enjoyed the tour, video and shared delights from the cutest gift shop ever. The people who run it are super friendly and their English is really good, however, an effort in Spanish, rightly so, is always appreciated. We wholeheartedly recommend this place when staying at Casa KiSi or in the area., check it out, the best 2.50 euro (1.80 for over 60’s) you will ever spend.

We are closed from Jan 2nd to 1st March apart from this romantic event, and I am in the planning stage of what to offer. Any ideas, suggestions are most welcome, starting with a catchy title. We do love a strap line. "Besos at Casa Kisi" or "Casa Kisi or garage flowers"?  I know what my assistant better bloody do!! … these are  my best efforts right now but then again, I am brilliantly busy with bookings and birthdays, hot tubs and holidays, anniversaries and all-round contentment (see what I did there!!)

Besos at Kisi is open (when my assistant opens the calendar) from 9th to 16th feb with plenty of adverts coming your way soon lol.

Until next time xxx