MRS BEST´S BLOG: My Summer Holiday

Time: 8pm

Guest Status:  Just eating their paté and Greek salad starter

Attire:  Swimmers

Weather: Cloudy with a threat of storms, that will just tease me as it hasn’t rained here since April. Mary Poppins wind gusting madly -  32 degrees

Coffee /Cava Tally: Southern Comfort & Coke - don´t mind if I do ... yay

Phew. Phew. Its nearly that time of year when I am ready to start wishing for my jeans. Its hot and sticky and jumping into the pool 3 or 4 times a day to cool down is no longer fun or exciting. My clothing consists of swim shorts and a bikini top and baggy     t-shirt or a beach dress with cossie underneath. Both are for quick pool access, and both do not bring out any nice image of warm balmy Spanish senoritas in the sunset drinking sangria.

(I’m currently drinking rose wine with crushed ice, which my Spanish son in law thinks is the worst English way ever to drink wine ! pah.)


Benefits of August in Spain.

  1. No makeup
  2. No Hairstyles
  3. No Washing
  4. Cold showers, wine and beer

Thank goodness I had the business plan to get a hot tub in for this winter and even more thank goodness I decided that its great business to get it in July to check it’s the right one!

The beautiful weird thing is , sitting in 38 degrees water at 10pm is the most lovely thing and to get out of it half an hour later freezing cold is nothing short of delightful in this Spanish August heat. Not convinced that later in the year will be the same experience but to sit in the bubbles under the shooting stars is an experience like no other  

It has also got lights. OMFG!  


I still love Spain more than England, and I still love Covent Garden more than anywhere, however even in this sultry, smoking hot, August here in Axarquia, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

Andalucía in the summer is spiteful, yet its only a few weeks until we will be enjoying the warm autumn sun and enjoying the crisp evenings on the terrace, wrapped in jumpers under the stars.

On returning from UK, Mr Best surprised me with the final piece of my guesthouse jigsaw. A hammock! We have done amazingly well this year with our wish list and apart from a new fridge in room 2 we are now ready for the winter shopping list to begin but for now blowing bubbles in the hammock is the way forward and a beautiful pastime up on our mountain. 

I have entitled this blog "My Summer Holiday" because in fact my summer holiday has consisted of 2 days in London witnessing (proudly) my son’s graduation. Canterbury Cathedral to be exact and as a mama from humble beginnings, where college was unaffordable and university ridiculous, it was a  memorable day, and to get to my favourite place in the world (Covent Garden) with my chiddlers the day after was the best summer holiday ever. 

However, it did make me realise…

Talking of winter. Casa Kisimas is 90 days away from launch and I am beyond excited. Why?? I here you not ask …..?

  1. I get to put the decorations up in November (last week of)
  2. I have officially started the Christmas playlist on Spotify.
  3. I have planned all stock for the Santa shop …homemade fudge, our recipe book, gingerbread mean/cookies, painted rocks.
  4. I can paint candy canes and Santa paws stop here sign for Derik’s kennel!
  5. I can plan my glitter and gratitude annual Christmas Party.
  6. Made nut roast for the first time ever and quite liked it!
  7. Started to make door wreaths.
  8. Watch Christmas reels on fb and pinterest.
  9. Bought a Christmas t-shirt

I could go on but won´t. From 20 euro, you can share all the lovely and glitter here at Casa Kisi and I cant wait to meet you all. Christmas jumpers optional. 

 I originally planned not to film A NEW LIFE IN THE SUN this year because a storyline of "they have succeeded and are happy blah blah" didn’t fill me with delight however, the researchers have finally convinced me that we do have a story to tell and viewers will want to see our "WHERE ARE THEY NOW" so after many chats, Channel 4 wanted to film the fun and festivity but the schedule wont allow time for the edit etc so unfortunately we cant show a lovely Spanglish Christmas in the mountains of Axarquia. But they will be showing me and Simon working elsewhere and digging in the hot tub amongst other things!

Watch this space and I will give the details, will be March 2024 sometime.