Time: 09.45 AM

Guest Status:

German couple travelling through Spain on a year sabbatical, eating Avo and poached egg, fruit & yoghurt, croissants and lemon curd and cereal. (And she’s a size zero grrr!)

Attire: Cotton trousers, hoodie, but that will be off in a bit!

Weather: Sunny  (20°C)
Coffee Tally: 2 …not enough atm considering Mr Best´s selective hearing whilst watching Australian grand prix. Does he actually realise the danger he is in !??!

WE ARE HAVING A DAY OFF ………definitely.

Been brilliantly busy, but I’m desperate for a day not to think about menus, pool tiling, house painting or sunbed cushions!

So we are going out for lunch then on to see special friends in our new favourite place, Caleta del Mar. Its actually where me and Mr Best plan to retire. A little town that the tourism brashness has seemed to miss... for now! Gorgeous beaches and relaxed vibe, its 40 minutes from us and we can actually see it, well the med, from our terrace , we could actually advertise sea view from Casa Kisi and wouldn’t be lying, however the endless rolling mountains kind of get in the way of the blue Mediterranean nestled in the background.

Its Palm Sunday today and the start of holy week so I’m a little nervous of how processional its going to be away from our mountain but we have vowed to enjoy any free time we get and this afternoon is one of those days .

My assistant has to finish the pool, paint and stain the rear of the house, and I have booked him into our friends nightclub/drag show to light their new show for a day as well. For those that don’t know, Simon was a lighting designer at a local theatre on the Costa del Sol for many years, and then stage manager to the wonderful Guapatini from Torremolinos, whom now is working in the MHT tavern in Lanzarote (was also our wedding celebrant lol). So the dram, lights and stage is his passion and he’s actually really good at it (especially the drama)! (WHAT! - Simon) If you see the stage lights we have over the breakfast table you will now understand why!! Perhaps he will get round to lighting the house and arbour asap…. must add that to his list…. anyway, I digress... If ever you fancy a fabulous night out then head to Minnelli’s in Benalmadena and say hi to ‘Spice’, "Cilla Vie" and the Minnelli’s team from us. Mr Minnelli (Steve) was an invaluable "assister" to my "assistant" in tiling the pool and we all had a fun few days working and eating and drinking like true superheroes!

 I am overhauling the menus this week, love to change them often and as the summer is firmly upon us I’m taking off the winter warmers and adding some summery options.

Its always quite obvious very quickly what works and what doesn’t and unfortunately the Porra de Antequerana is toast,  well not literally, it´s actually a cold Spanish soupy thang. Not one order and although it´s my favourite, I am replacing with melon and serrano ham.

Not sure if spag bol is staying, its under investigation atm.

I am researching a lentil salad I saw and a kebab but a long one on a stick, not the type you get on the way home after a night out with garlic sauce. Actually seen a delicious recipe for one with pineapple - a pineapple pork kabob (no spelling error) …. with mango. OMG, am telling the chef to crack on with that one…., served with a dipping sauce! Now to choose, with rice or jacket and garlic butter….? Hmmm, will have to work that one out and will have to taste that out asap!

Woohoo it’s a tough life running a beautiful mountain retreat and choosing menus and tasting them but hey I get that job, and I’m ever so grateful for it . x

We  have a couple of days free to get sorted out and I want to put the feelers out for a coronation celebration, I have had some beauties here for a cream tea who are part of a large fundraising group in Fuengirola, mostly who we know from our theatre days, and many who are guests of ours. Thinking a typical English party buffet , cheese ´n´ pineapple on sticks, coronation chicken sandwiches, sausage rolls, quiche, trifle - bit like 70’s wedding buffet.! Bunting like EVERYWHERE and will get Simon to sing a bit, but obviously wont tell him that until nearer the time!  I haven’t held an event since Christmas and am feeling restless already and need a project ….!  Watch this space.

Have also started my strawberry planting. The seeds are currently drying out ready to pot and germinate over the next couple of weeks … apparently if tik tok is correct, I shall have strawberries all summer if I water them correctly!  Strawberry dishes onto the menu it is!

I had the romantic idea of having a vegetable patch until I realised just how much work they were and although I am far from lazy I do know that i´d much prefer to support my local greengrocer than to sweat my arse growing a fresh lettuce and save 60 cents.

We used to have chickens and I do miss them. The fresh eggs and their little chicken personalities were great fun, but even they were time consuming and wouldn’t go to roost until sunset. All well and good until the summer months and the sun stays up for what feels like 24 hours a day, and they turned into a bit of a pain. The rats they attracted were also not ideal but I think that was more the area rather than the chickens.

So no fresh eggs or lettuce but strawberries definitely maybe.

Wishing everyone a great Eastery week ahead.