Time: 5.30pm

Guest Status: 2 checked out this morning and a guest just returned FROM A 75KM BIKE RIDE omfg , had and deliberately did use shouty text.

Attire: Capri pants, shirt. hot. should be shorts.

Weather: Sun  (25°C)
Coffee /Cava Tally: Changed to cava tally due to time....Cava tally: 1 bottle 

Easter Sunday! No chocolate. not an overpriced fancy packaged egg in sight, and any other day of the year I would be fine without that extortionism!!, but not having any chocolate in Casa Kisi today, apàrt from Simon´s legendary fudge brownie, (which my princess head does not like peeling from her teeth.....yep its THAT GOOD), is, quite frankly, not good enough for me! So i have done a roast, done the ironing for the room turnaround and drunk champagne with strawberries! I will never moan about ironing on this terrace..... speaking of the terrace, it is coming together, the view from my ironing board is not a bad one!

We had a wonderful good friday impromptu gig here with our guests, as an old theatre friend came up and busked whilst Simon sang. He insisted on sleeping in his camper van at the top of our plot, but, tbh, I would have done as well to wake up to the sunrise view he had. The guests from the Netherlands were delighted with the evening and we all laughed, sang and drank way too much. Perfect mountain life I reckon. 

We had a beautiful full moon this week and the photo does not do it justice, Simon´s behaviour, however, does! Why is it that men act all chopsy over a full moon???? We have had a mountain, (scuse the pun), of work to catch up on, with putting it aside due to pool tiling and house painting. The social media strategy is as mindblowing as ever...! This weeks meeting came with the solution that we need more entertaining posts, less educational posts, and hashtags. We have had an IT company owner here this week whom said hashtags were key, but our social media guys say only on the gram, confused is an understatement, but less posts are music to our non social media friendly ears.

We have dipped our toes into re-branding our recipe book. During the panic of the pandemic, we put together a recipe book to raise funds to pay the bills at our last place. We sold a fair few and people were very generous and helpful with buying a digital copy, however, we wrongly thought that people where just being kind. They were not, they actually wanted to buy the thing!!!! We have been asked many times for our recipes since! SO watch this space, as we, (my assistant), are getting rid of past names and nightmares and putting our mountain bit of lovely all over the new and improved recipe book. Title currently under revision.... #bestie´s bites #the best way #casa kisis´s best bits... who knows! Only thing i know is the kitchen pic will be much better!!!

Oh so many hasttags, so little time!!

The sun is setting and that is something not to be missed, the cycling guests are back for an evening meal of Porra de Antequerana, chicken with peppercorn sauce, homemade chips and salad.

Our guest has already said he wants my orange and almond cake(almonds from our tree), also, i quote, ´´THAT cake has character´´! Now thats definetly going in the recipe book!

Busy Monday in the land of people tomorrow, to buy sunbed cushions, terrace chairs, and possibly, maybe, a jacuzzi..., but more on that next time.

`Another cava, barman¨ por favor !! (hopefully my assistant heard that!)

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#shall i open another bottle of cava

#we have some free days this week should we advertise or not

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#men should not act chopsy on a full moon.