MRS BEST´S BLOG: My Many Announcements

Time: 4pm

Guest Status:  Two rooms checked out - evening check in to come

Attire:  As little as possible

Weather: Scorchio ... 40 degrees in the shade

Coffee /Cava Tally: . Coffee done - One rum and coke on the go

My god it’s been hot.  

Everything has melted including my energy! This beast Si found floating in the pool after going in for a drink. The mosquitoes are, as normal, non-existent, and the flies have gone to cooler climates. its just us mortals that decide to emerge from the cool and dark of the cortijo to dip in the pool every now and then!

I would just prefer not to share it with extra-large wildlife.

The house is fantastic, but 43 degrees even tested that. But by keeping the blinds and doors shut it was a remarkable difference on outside. we purchased another ceiling fan for the upstairs room and even though in the extreme heatwave it reached 24 overnight (normally a comfortable 20 overnight) it was ok.

I am now officially over worrying about air con.


We have been full for most of the past weeks and of course filled our spare time with a fav habit, in changing the menus, again.

We have added a delightful Prawn and Avo salad and then gone a bit dizzy and added a complete new lite bites menu for those who don’t want the 3-course luxury and simply are hungry and want a smackerel by the pool. This includes chicken wraps, chilli, sesame, salad and tomato, and mushroom pasta priced from 11-15 euros.  We are happy that we have filled a niche.

Our average age of guests has changed and young 30 plus friend/couples travelling around Spain seem to be what we are attracting atm. They are out and about running, hiking and sightseeing from the crack of dawn then coming back to enjoy the sunset and a swim, so a plate of some homecooked food was what we were hearing and supply and demand is the goal. the a la carte will always be available here, but the lite bites menu is a sure fire hit for Summer 2023.

I have been trying to write this for a week or so now and although a couple of rooms and to downsize was to enable us more time, it seems that we still don’t have enough! That said, and with the hot summer days, we are taking August off from the blog, adverts and podcast and are going to concentrate on our guests and future marketing 200% and also get a bit of downtime in the pool when we can. I will be back again in September to write about everything we have planned for winter 2023 and indeed 2024.

The recipe book will be finalised and printed, and our new ad is being filmed for You Tube and socials.

September we will be installing our hot tub area, this also needs be organised in August.

Somehow we need to finish painting the house, lol, and I will be counting the days to put the decorations up for our Merry Kisimas extravaganza starting 1st December.

Does anyone know where I can get snow like fluffly material?

I want to turn Derik’s kennel into a gingerbread house and snow and candy canes are a must.

We have had our first 2024 booking and are delighted it is returning guests , 1 couple. it will be there 3rd visit and the other, their 2nd. How nice that they met here by chance and now booked to return on the same dates and meet again.

2024 calendar is now available on and our website.

We also have decided not to film this year with A New Life In The Sun and they will return in 2024 to film an update of where we are.

After a bit of discussion , we decided that a boring story of how we are full up and busy is predictably not what everyone wants to see and yet although no one wants to see any failures (well I can think of a couple of arseholes who would like that lol), it would be much nicer for them to film maybe our new restaurant, guest facility, or our new TV show!!

(Just checking that you are taking notice!!!)

All will be revealed in 2024/25 for sure, but for now, happy summer all.

Hasta September.