Time: 11 am

Guest Status:  Full house. 2 sunbathing, 2 on route to Cordoba (1.5 hours away)

Attire: Calling it summer campo ! 

Weather: Hot, 29 degrees, not a cloud

Coffee /Cava Tally: Coffee x 1 jug 

Well...  since last update ...

We have been gloriously busy busy with only an evening off since the last blog. May and June are filling in nicely and we are not thinking about July!


Feel like we missed the memo that Spain is closed in July!!

We really have no idea why and the rest of the year is back to normal.

Hey ho! 

July in the mountains with no humidity, cool nights, a refreshing pool and endless views, nature, peace and bird song .... pah!

Sounds bloody awful, no wonder no one has booked.

Maybe my assistant will have time to finish the steps going up to the viewpoint seating area. I just have to work out how to hide ugly cement.

We have had a fun few days planning our winter 2023/24 schedule and whats what, and have finally decided..., open until Jan 3rd 2024 then closed for 6 weeks. 

24th December - 29th is booked already!

I also get the pleasure of Christmas up in the mountains for the whole of December .. is putting your tree up and having christmas dinner in November to early??

Asking for a friend.... because a Casa Kisi Christmas will be amazing, and not a Santa in sight (even i know my limits with Mr Best!).

We haven´t advertised as yet because we are trying to work out a 2 night package for another new addition - A HOT TUB- WOOOOOOOO. I´m thinking 2 nights, hot tub, all inc package from October? Curry, roast dinner type of food. thinking normal, treat ya self couple days for guests living in Spain. We will be open for normal bookings anyway and they can have the unexpected upgrade of a hot tub when they arrive if they wish.

Have to say this is the first house I havent had a jacuzzi since i was 18 (last one doesnt count - literally!!) and its possibly THE best house for one. Private terrace with endless views and the night sky that has no light pollution gives a wonderful backdrop for evening bubbles..

But first Christmas and all its wonderful planning and lists. The house and fire do the job anyway, add fairy lights and some christmas magic and its THE perfect log cabin to spend the festive period before the festive period! 

Without wishing away the year, I am probably wishing away the year!

My wonderful daughter has got engaged and we are having the wedding here. Also the engagement party in a couple of weeks but that´s easy peasey.

Regarding planning, she has already done it, basically mine and Mr Best´s day with a twist or two.

We have had a few enquiries regarding guests holding their special day here and its something that I would thoroughly enjoy. I know when I was looking into small wedding venues in Andalucia it wasn´t an easy task. I maybe should put together a package, however, we really are flexible enough to plan ad hoc. Living on the coast for so many years and knowing so many professionals, its kind of the one stop shop for everything wedding. If we dont know a balloon model artist, for example, we certainly will know someone who does .... does anyone have balloon models anymore???

We can adapt to anything apart from, apparently, the bridge my daughter and I want built over the pool for her to walk across ....

I will mention the swans nearer the time.

I am off to collect some business cards we have finally had printed!

It was one of those really important jobs we have kept forgetting to do and only annoy ourselves when we get asked for details when we are out in the land of people ...

Nothing professional about asking my assistant for the email address as I can't remember it.

Thankfully I have never been asked for the casa rural address, what-3-words, or some other info..., shocking!

BUT, ask me about whether you want semi seco, or rosé cava in the hot tub, or treacle pudding and custard for dessert, or what´s the menu for New Years Eve, or if Simon would sing at your wedding, then I'm the girl for you and can chat away for hours.

That said, enough chatting for now, as I have a sunbed with my name on for a couple of hours.