Time: 1pm

Guest Status: Lovely ones! Gone out for the day to Caleta del Mar and Comares. 

Attire: Fisherman pants (due to sunburnt legs) and t-shirt 

Weather: Sunny  (25°C)
Coffee /Cava Tally: enough ! 

Monday morning in the mountains! So grateful not to ever have that Monday morning feeling ever! In fact, most days I dont even know what day of the week it is, so I suppose the downside is never having that Friday feeling either! Then again that Friday feeling mean´t a whole lot more of getting ready and going out than it does now, so an evening sipping something delicious, overlooking the endless mountains, watching the sunset, to be tucked up in bed by 10pm, is my kinda nightclub.

Throw in a great pottery showdown and its a parrrrrttteeeyy! (No pun intended, lol).

I went to the land of people yesterday and spent the day on La Cala De Mijas beach with my chiddlers. First beach of the year is always a faff. Finding towels, bags, water bottles, suncream, and the dreaded hunting for last year´s bikini, hoping that it still isn´t covered in sand at the bottom of your beach bag, only to find it is there...

It was a beautiful day and again, thankfully, I reminded myself just how grateful I am to be living in this wonderful country. To be able to drive 40 minutes, with a picnic and towel, dressed in last years sandy bikini, and spend a whole day doing things that some people have to save up for, for 2 weeks vacation a year. That and doing my ironing on terrace overlooking my sparkly swimming pool is reason enough to live in Spain!

Whilst I was at the beach, my assistant, bless him, took on a challenge I briefly, ahem, 'mentioned in passing', that would be fantastic on the new terrace. I had bought the new plastic, schmancy glasses for sipping sangria in the pool (no glass ffs!), and new blue towels to match the sparkly pool, but had nowhere to store them, or have them accessible. The new sunbed cushions were also a very minor issue, as in where to store them overnight, and when not in use..... tada .....! He made me a welsh, not welsh dresser, in the true rustic style I love, and it cost nothing! Made from scrap bits left over from the dog kennel and Simon´s crafting skills, we have a beautiful bit of furniture that multi-tasks, is fit for purpose, and stores everything needed. My job for today is to stain it, and the chairs.

Blergh. maybe I could slide off to the beach again...!

The other new addition to Casa Kisi is our snug area re-jiggle. We have changed this area many, many times, and still have not found the multi-purpose setup that gets used, maybe it never will, but the new desk area or cosy reading chair is something I am going to use ! 

Simon is playing chef tonight and practising our new menu addition of pork escalope with caramalised onions and a sauce of some sort (tbc) ..., eek, so hungry already. The pork and pineapple kabobs were ace and the next one to try is a lemon, ricotta, parmesan pasta .... sounds great eh? Once they have all been tested, and tried, and priced, we will be changing our menus for summer.

Phew a whole week ahead and not a Monday or Friday feeling to be had!

Neither a commute nor a pay check but hey ho!

Back to my mountain paradise and welsh dresser staining in the sunshine!

We have also re jigged the pool lighting and the viewpoint is now lit at night, but the pool lights and sunset photo just doesn´t show how magical it is in real life. I need to take some shots and update and our website photos, but maybe it will have to be daytime ones only...