Time: 8.12AM

Attire: PJ´s & Snuggly

Weather: Sunny - 19°C
Coffee Tally: 1

St Patricks Day, wooo! I´m not Irish, I´m half Scottish, which is kind of the same, big drinkers and strawberry blonde hair. Also was known to attempt a highland dance at new year, so like an irish dance, but with whisky not guinness! Basically the same, I guess…never thought of that before!

Happy Friday, wherever you are from. One half of Simon is from Essex but he doesn’t admit to that often!

(That is completely untrue!! - Simon)

Jobs today…..a lot! We have guests checking in early at 2pm, first timers who have been with us before but not at Casa KiSi. I´m so excited to see them again, and their friend, and our very close friend is in the other room. Weekend away that they booked in December, at last years prices for one too get a deal for Feb and two,  to help us out. So we have to keep reminding ourselves that we are not working for nothing this weekend as we have already used it for the electricity bill!

We have 9 cream teas booked in, as it´s Mothers day on Sunday so busy, busy with cake cookery today. Victoria sponge, shortbread, choc fudge brownie, carrot cake, orange and almond slice, garlic butter, and spag bol. The latter obvs not on the cream tea, haha!

It´s always an over-thinkers delight when we are not full up all the time and have gaps between check ins, as I have to check, think, double check, and stress about all the little things we strive to do don’t get forgotten… like putting the homemade bread on…. hang on brb!!!

We have forgotten that many times and it takes hours to make, even with the breadmaker doing it and not my assistant.

Tonights pre-order for dinner is garlic mushrooms, chicken satay, piri piri pork with garlic mash, and sweet ´n´ sour pork with egg fried rice, so need to remember to get any frozen elements from the freezer…brb….!!!

My assistant was up early this morning to let the pups out for their patrol of the mountain. They settle much more when they get to do this and Deriks desire to get out, just to sit by the gate to get back in, seems to subside a bit. Found a tick on Bailey Bear last night, so off to the vets asap to get the best, but most expensive, tick and flea tablet that works ever (25 euro each).

That’s it for now as we have 2 rooms to clean and 2 bathrooms, podcast to record, cookery, and my assistant has to continue painting the house.., it´s looking "sunglasses or burn your eyes" white, but it’s a massive job and we are so very grateful our friend and ex painting company boss has helped us so much.

Coffee drunk...  4 hours until check ins...