MRS BEST´S BLOG: My Fat Jack Sparrow

Time: 2pm

Guest Status:  Downstairs - gone to Caminito Del Rey at 7am!! / Upstairs - checked out at 11am...


Weather: Stormy! Thunder rolling around.

Coffee /Cava Tally: . It is Sunday - is it too early for gin?


Well 2ND tbh, the first one was an irrelevance.  They arrived half cut and full of holiday 1st day happiness, carried on drinking copious amounts and of course not being able to drive, therefore ordering our evening menu and then giving us 2.5 /10 in a review comparing us to resturants because we said the extra chips he wanted would take a while because they are cooked FRESH TO ORDER, he declined, didn’t want to wait and drunk some more and then said he didn’t want dessert because he was too full.


Thank goodness I can count on one hand this type of person we have had the unfortunate task of hosting in our 4 years, where hundreds of other fantastic guests have balanced it out nicely. Can’t please everyone eh? But when it’s your livelihood it´s never nice when we work so hard trying to be the best we can. We are not a restaurant, not yet! We offer a service so guests can relax and not have to drive for food and it´s a brilliant service at that. So much so my assistant is finishing of our recipe book as I type.

(no chips included) and will be on sale very, very soon! I promise!

Rant over.

BUT... Back to the 2nd complaint, and I 100% agree with them. The sound of birdsong waking you up here at CASA KISI is deafening. They possibly didn’t mean it in a complaining way but all I heard was that fat jack sparrow and billy the bastard blackbird woke me up again at 7am with their chitter chatter on the window sill ….. or was that my own complaint!!!


Fat Jack Sparrow, I can have a bit of empathy for, he’s almost a grandchild, with his parents hatched in the eaves last year then returning this year to make their baby nest in our vent and producing fat Jack and his siblings. However, Billy the bastard cherry robbing blackbird is another matter. The whole crop I was excitedly waiting for to make cherry pie, crumble, cider, and sauce, and they never even got to ripen. He, and possibly some assistants, devoured the lot. Apparently we should have put a net over the tree. As for his song, its very loud and beautiful at the same time and a perfect reminder to the start of any day how wonderful it is to live here and the only sound to wake to up is the birdsong instead of hussle bussle, bin lorries, sirens, and all the jazz that populated areas bring.


We have had a lovely time celebrating my assistant’s birthday this week and found a gem of a restaurant within half an hour of Casa Kisi.

Off the beaten track and in a tent, the views, food and staff are wonderful, and we cannot wait to go back and would recommend to anyone who stays here..

Unfortunate, they don’t do chips.

10/10 to them. 

The last drama of the week was my assistant tail ended another car! This resulted in our Oli having to be in the garage for a week for repairs. Possibly why I now have probably too much interest in birdlife and a plan on retiring like the lady in Mary Poppins who sat on St Pauls Cathedral steps feeding them all.

But we have been stranded in our log cabin retreat with no car and it’s been wonderful..., without a way of getting out. We are stuck and anywhere is quite a walk, not being a hiker myself, I got busy and apart from dealing with our guests, stalking Billy the bastard and fat Jack Sparrow, I completed the next best thing which is all the Christmas planning or Kisimas planning I should say.

To think I’m excited is an understatement and I have produced a whole campaign like we have never done before starting with an open letter to Santa, of course.

I have researched the end out of it and apparently advertising should start at least 3 months before, so my assistant has 11 weeks to prepare all the ads, flyers, website changes for us.

The trees (YES PLURAL) can officially go up with good reason in November,  woooooo!

I’m happily watching my assistant be Simon the storm watcher he loves to be today, in between the cricket, golf, and grand prix (OMG), and both of us have half a day off (no evening meals on a Sunday) as the hills are alive with the sound of thunder and, apparently on the coast, its shocking with hailstones and torrential rain. It’s in the distant mountains for us but the fork lightning strikes are wonderful to watch from our viewpoint area. Mental how the weather can be so very different here to the coast.

Summer = no humidity or mosquitos

Cooler evenings and nights not over 21 degrees.

This Cortijo was built for the Spanish summers long before air conditioning was invented and stays cool even in the heat of August. It makes a comfortable space that’s a joy to be in …..

Outside, however, is building up to be hot as hell … it is Spain after all !