Time: 9.10AM

Guest Status: Eating breakfast, 1 x poached egg with avocado on Antequera bread and 1 x mushroom omelette!

Attire: Campo leggings, oversized checked shirt and hoodie, comfy boho chic style (not)!

Weather: Sunny (21°C)
Coffee Tally: 2 (Mr Best is safe... for now)

Weather at the mo makes this THE perfect time of year for me. I have lived in Spain for nearly 20 years and still stick to my favourite times of the year and its NOW and October.

Why?, because the sun is the warm, stingily on your bones sun, and you don’t sweat.

Spring is everywhere and it’s still a novelty to eat outside, or have morning coffee watching the sunrise, wonder in its stunning beauty, feeling the luckiest sod alive, and feel warm!

Not quite hot enough for the beach or swimming but I like to make plans of beach days, picnics, and other fun summer activities, that we will never do because its too sweaty hot, and a day off means there is nothing better than sitting in the dark in front of a fan, so you can enjoy a cup of tea, and moan about the weather, wishing for jeans and jumpers!

Is it an English thing I wonder ?

I seem to moan about the weather a lot.

You heard it here first, I am happy with sunshine and t shirts, not longing for jeans and jumpers and my Ugg boots ..., watch out October.

Simon is currently cooking my breakfast, yum!

The review we recently had from a travel journalist, who owned his own restaurant, has of course, gone to Simon’s head and he’s gone all Gordon Ramsay..., no problem for me! I can enjoy the labours of his kitchen work and eat as much as poss!

How many avocados a day can be too many?

We inherited these fruits from our friend’s tree and, unfortunately with avocados, once ripe, you have a very small window to enjoy them before they go black! I must remember to ask chef to make guacamole….

We have Christmas booked now which is madly great! We have New Year available but haven’t advertised yet, as I want to speak to the guests that didn’t get in last year as we were booked up!

How great to have the end of the year planned!

We decided to do this after closing last Christmas and spending a quiet, but Grinch time together, then realising we could be hosting a perfect Christmas for guests, and earn some euros, and then enjoy a holiday after the festive period which Simon hates!


We just have to choose where?

At the moment the destination is Colmenar, but I am keeping positive because Aruba is on my radar.

Simon has started work on the pool this week as we need to prepare, seal, and sort, before tiling it next week. It’s a big messy job and we are cracking through it. It will look smashing and will be so much nicer not having to worry about peeling paint this summer!

I have put the new terrace shades up and am quite happy, more a bit weird looking ATM rather than the boho chic vibe I wanted, but I think some navy parasols, sunbed cushions, and blue pots, and it will look a bit more how I think it should.

Tables and chairs are hitting the spot but tassels, need tassels, chillax music vibe, maybe a water feature, and a martini expresso! I shall add this to Mr Best´s list.

Summer ready ...

It’s a boho thang.