Time: 10.30am

Guest Status: Our most frequent flyers have just left after their 14th visit!

Attire: SHORTS, the legs are out out!

Weather: Sunny  (25°C)
Coffee /Cava Tally: Full amount (Coffee, lol) Everything is good.

Why is it that men take SO LONG in the bathroom!?! Do they really think that we think it is to use the bathroom ?

Do they actually realise we know it is a 20/30-minute escape to read a magazine or look at football scores!

Thing is when we have a zillion things to do and I am fully caffeinated up and want to get to the apartment to clean it, check out, get shopping for a full stock up, then get back to Casa Kisi to clean Room1, sort laundry after check out, and Room 2 sparkle clean ready for check in .., I politely reminded my assistant that a half an hour bathroom break isn’t in the timeline right now, but hey, I’ve had time to clear away the breakfast tables, finish washing up and write this, FFS.

Rant over...

Let’s chat about some other more important stuff happening here….

I have found out football season is nearly bloody over thankfully, because when I must cook the evening meal alone because of extra time and penalties, even my patience is tested. Especially when the guests are tucking into the garlic mushrooms and I hear ´´referee you are a ******” coming from the office, then I know it’s time for a large gin and tonic!

The weather this week has gone mental, 34 degrees by Friday and its still April, just, so the shorts are officially out until November, and I will have to say a fond farewell to my jeans, jumpers and Ugg boots and pack them away.

We are hotter than the coast now as the sea breeze is cooling things down on the costa. 28 down there however, apparently near 40 in Madrid.

The cherry tree on the drive is a tease away from this year’s battle beginning. That battle being how to eat the cherries before the birds do. Last year we lost. This year I am making cherry pie, cherry tarts , cherry chutney….

Game on.

I am prepared!

Talking of prepared, this week is THE week to see if all my overthinking and preparations for the 2023 season will work as we are rammed to the gunners (it is actually gunwales or gunnels – good try, B-, luv Editor Simon).

Check ins and outs, and it doesn’t stop for a while WOOOOOOOOOO, bring it on.

We nearly had a single bed issue but have resolved it with good ol´ Amazon Prime. Thing is, we have singles and make them into doubles, of course . however, singles are rarely asked for and we only had (past tense, note amazon delivery expected) single bedding for 2 beds with quilts. So always ready, and still penny pinching on what is needed….

I’m saving for a hot tub…

This week we have a room booked and they haven’t put the bed preference down. Now it will probably be a double as that is the default on the booking confirmation, however, unfortunately it has been proved that guests don’t read the confirmation as they overlook the importance of the fact that it says everything about the booking, dates, meals, check in times, and bed preference…., so the other room has requested a twin room, thank you very much! But, if the potential double turns up and wants a twin, we are scuppered, and it only took a couple of minutes to overthink and put an Amazon order in, meaning the booking is going to earn us zero and they will of course, now prepared, want a double bed, so the next dilemma will be to store said bedding.

I do actually feel very un-prepared for the summer. Not in our guest house but personally. The beach body I hoped to return back to, from the enjoyment and comfort eating of winter, is still laying on last year’s sunbed, and I have to accept that I need to change completely and start to restrict my eating, drinking and general happiness, or embrace the middle aged beauty I am, and get out there. It is a fact that brown fat is much easier on the eye than white fat ,so get the suntan lotion out Bestie!!!

I have been speaking to the production guys at New Life in the Sun and they want to film us again this year, but have the dilemma of getting them here now and seeing a boringly predictable, “yes, they are busy and have done it” story, or wait a little while longer and see what the future holds!?!?

Actually, as I type I have answered the question…. let us see what irons I have placed in my fire, ignite!!!

As people who really know me, know, a bored Mrs Best is a dangerous place!!

Bring it on 2023 I’m ready for the next part of this journey…!