Time: 11.00AM

Guest Status: Out to visit the Torcal and Antequera for the day

Attire: Jeans and shirt.  (Please note: - Jumpers and hoodies are no more

Weather: Cloudy (24°C)
Coffee Tally: lots...! Plus pancakes and poached eggs

Phew ...

Busy busy but great.

Trying, badly, to have a day off, but its already 1pm and my must do today jobs haven’t yet been finished, so I thought I would add to the anxiety of just wanting to eat the easter egg I bought yesterday in front of a good film, with writing this !

My assistant is ready for phase 2 of pool operation and tiling is imminent. After countless maths and a spreadsheet to work out the number of tiles to floor ratio, he gave me 6 designs to choose from for how to tile the bottom…wtf...!

I cant even choose what to wear each day successfully so how on earth I can deal with that decision is beyond me!

I am on the hunt for a hammock or swingy chair to finish off my boho themed terrace. icing on the cake. sunbed cushions and we are officially summer siesta and relax ready ….next couple of week or so !

We are still fully booked and had repeat guests here last night.

They can only do 1 night stays due to commitments and we have a minimum 2 nights but have decided we are wrong… not a biggy to do that and if we learn from any possible mistake then it’s a good thing.

Due to costs on what 1 night involved, it was more cost effective for 2 nights minimum, but we really don’t want to exclude potential customers, and definitely want our repeat guests to be able to have a cheeky night away from the coast... SO we are going to include a 1 night last minute stay option on our direct bookings as a half board option only. Includes a bottle of wine to enjoy with your evening 3 course meal. We are thinking of putting it with a 4 days in advance only window so it remains a last minute thing and still leaves sensible gaps for longer stays and our main market.

Jeeze the decisions and overthinking we do ! maybe one day we will know what the bloody hell we are doing!!

More cream teas this week and it uses the last of the Rodda´s clotted cream which leads to another dilemma… Do I spend 60 euros on a box of creams for stock, (minimum we can buy from wholesaler), in case we get any more booked. OR do I spend the 60 euros on sunbed cushions, or hammock, or the new toiletries I want to upgrade to, or more dressing gowns or mattress toppers! … see what I mean?!?!?!

Speculate to accumulate, I know, I know, however, accumulate happy overnight guests, or happy cream tea visitors who will then book an overnight stay ?!?!?!

Tbh my brain is aching atm and is too exhausted to work that conundrum out.

Sunday nights the kitchen is closed, and I’m quite proud that we have stuck to our guns today, and even though we could have had our guests eating we have put ourselves first and having a night off together. First one in a week and more important than 60 euros ….hmm but that could have bought the cream……

One decision I have made is to appreciate Mr Best even more and his patience with my upcycling fads. The table I was so proud of lasted 4 days, would have lasted longer had I not tried to move it!

LOL, wasted 2 days designing, sanding and staining that. Hey ho!

It looked nice for a fb post pic!

Dear God, social media…. now that’s a whole new story with my new graduated son in social media malarkey at the helm!

But maybe possibly we are getting the hang and starting to enjoy it! Apparently colours and branding we are lacking on recent posts!  

We have guests from Latvia, Switzerland and Germany this week. Cant wait. The best absolute best thing about our job is meeting such fascinating people.

So full house, cream teas, pool tiling and terrace completion...


Off to eat my easter egg guilt free, and yes I know its 2 weeks too early!

Perfect Sunday in the spring sunshine in the mountains...