Time: 4pm

Guest Status: Full house 2 from coast, a great friend bringing a friend for her birthday and a couple from Belgium staying for a mini holiday incorporating a schmancy wedding in a castle in Malaga

Attire: SHORTS hot and the last time this is posted, just assume shorts and add sweat from now on until further notice , possibly November.

Weather: Sunny  (25°C)

Coffee /Cava Tally: Done - Expresso Martini ready…have put in order with my assistant.

We have evening meal in 3 hours and guests bought us a lovely bottle of bubbly, so I may open that and watch the chef at work. Homemade pate, tricolore salad followed by Merluza with a lemon and parsley sauce accompanied with dauphinoise pots and vegetables...

Pudding tbc....

Tried a great new dish last night and I think I will have to get my boss hat on and tell my assistant its going on the menu , I could tell by the lack of enthusiasm , that he isn’t impressed but I loved it.

It was a mix up of the kabobs and fancy rice but with a yoghurt and cucumber dip …fan bloody tastic and can swap with the meatballs all day long.

We are in full check in - check out swing now and getting used to our work life balance of running at full capacity.

For now, all plans and systems are working apart from croissants, lol.

Cannot actually seem to get in front of the stock but after a dash to the local shop today, fresh out the oven, 15 perfect, crispy,  and fresh croissants. (I could feel the glare from the lady behind me as I cleared the shelf!)

The problem is now future solved as they are the same price as Mercadona, locally sourced, and cooked this morning, win win. It’s another item I can buy locally. as well as fat chickens from the grumpy butcher and fruit and veg from the little shop that sells underwear.

Sounds weird?

Not at all. I could even wear my pyjamas whilst shopping and not one villager would look twice ….for the record I have never done this, yet it´s rural Spain, and we love it.

Maybe we should put the camper on hold for a while and train Derik to be a house dog instead.

Wish us luck with that one !!!!

The Welsh-not Welsh dresser on the terrace has been working like a professional and the storage for all things sunbathing and terrace, is perfect for guests to just take what they need.

The only thing we must remember now is to take down and put up the parasols daily.

We had the nightmare and definite downside, of being self-employed this week, when we had to have our dog put to sleep. Guest-house wise, it couldn’t have happened at a worse time, as 7am, whilst out walking the dogs, is not the time for one of them to get hit by a car!

(There never is a good time for this to happen I know but hey! at least after check outs??).

So with Simon and me dealing with our tears and injured dog / vet, we had to keep a guest breakfast service in somewhat orderly fashion! How I laid up the buffet table, heated croissants, and made fruit bowls I will never know, but thankfully the guests were fantastic and didn’t expect poached eggs or anything else! Even the hardest heart wouldn’t have ordered a full English at such a testing time, but my point is they could have, and just like any show … it must go on…..dying dog or not.

It makes you evaluate your job and lifestyle and luckily my assistant and I decided that a camper van travelling Europe with Derik is obviously the correct decision to make.