MRS BEST´S BLOG: My Solar Eclipse

Guest Status:  FULL HOUSE... WOOOOOO

Attire: Shorts with winter white hairy legs

Weather:  Balmy 23 degrees. Summer is teasing me daily

Coffee /Cava Tally: Gin & Tonic…. it´s Saturday and I needed inspiration

Google search , whilst sipping gin and looking for inspiration...

Is it normal to feel weird during a solar eclipse?

Astrologers who look to the stars say that if you feel a little different during an eclipse, there's a reason. People are impacted by this alignment of the sun, the moon and the earth, according to astrologer Rebecca Gordon....

I didn’t know what to write at the beginning of this month.

Everything was strange and yet our Casa KiSi was skipping along very well. 

I have had a weird week. Usual challenges but more than that. 

I got an unexpected call... The one we all dread..,

It wasn’t the lady I thought but her husband instead who had unexpectedly passed, not the old friend whom has dementia that I thought it would be.

She is now in a nursing home and forever waiting in her confused state of mind to be picked up by her husband.

It was a sad bolt out the blue and I am currently trying to contact her.

She doesn’t answer a phone, can’t manage that and I am not family, so gaining visiting access is proving difficult and it has upset me and that has forced me to think my reasons for visiting.

She, thankfully, won’t know who I am or even remember my visit, a positive about advanced dementia surely, so am I going for my own sake?

I have been a carer for many years before working as a keyworker with special needs in schools and running a guesthouse. I have dealt with palliative care and the passing of many beautiful souls. I felt blessed to be able to have them in their favourite outfit/pjs, etc, clean and washed ready for the next journey they have . I promised my old friend I would do that for her. Bottle of Emperado and some recipes to prepare, her favourite pastimes. I cannot. So if I drunk your fav wine I would, if I liked recipes, I would cook them… maybe I will get my assistant to get creative and I will think of the good times my friend, we last saw you both together at our wedding and that memory is enough xxx

I have had updates from friends who have been struggling with medical issues this week and unexpected problems keep appearing.

As a family we have had our challenges this month and have overcome them united.

Had another message from a guest who has been supporting us from the very beginning and has visited many times and told us of her beloved dog passing.

And my super steam guesthouse laundry efficient iron then fell and broke... Today... All because I was trying to cut corners on ironing a double duvet in a room changeover and trying not to be irritated that my assistant hadn’t ordered the new bedding from Amazon, meaning it was quite clearly all his fault that my beloved iron has broken! And then my assistant fixed it!

Panic over and the thought of possibly my favourite appliance being irreplaceable made me put everything into perspective.

Its an iron... FFS Kirsty!

Life brings challenges. Its how you overcome them that matters.

The weather is shining and our home is beautiful. We live in and share such a stunning piece of Axarquia, it´s quite breathtakingly beautiful and I thank my blessings every day.

When you realise life is a cup and its your perspective on whether it´s half full or half empty then life gets pretty amazing.

And Casa KiSi is pretty and amazing!

Our new luxury continental breakfast is going down a storm with not an English sausage missed. The hot tub is still a mind blower to everyone who sits and enjoys the uninterrupted views whilst watching the sunrise or sunset or even in between. The menu del dia has proven to be the bit of tea our guests want after a hefty day sightseeing and me and my assistant are busy pursuing our passions, albeit individually lol, but we still love doing what we do best together, and that’s Casa KiSi.

Having had guests from Brazil, America, Belgium, England, Germany, Croatia and Poland to name a few, staying in our guesthouse already this year and hearing their stories and travels is inspiring. We are FULLY BOOKED for April and quite possibly, as I drink from my half FULL gin and tonic, we will be able to say FULLY BOOKED about May and July as we go to print.

So, back to the bloody solar eclipse and how it’s made this time, well, challenging!

I would like to thank you Eclipse for all your wonder on the 8th April but quite frankly the moon and sun can can f**k off!!

Guests competing in the European clay pigeon shoot championships in Antequera today, who knew ?!? and other guests out exploring the Torcal with a reservation at Taberna de las Flores in Colmenar. Fantastic restaurant and staff and highly recommended by us when you fancy something local.

Happy April Everyone xxx