MRS BEST´S BLOG: My Husbands First Love

Guest Status:  2 Ladies from New Jersey USA

Attire: Trackies and new white trainers (schmancy)

Weather:  Sunny blue skies and wicked February wind gusts

Coffee /Cava Tally: Maximum Coffee

Theres something to say about being organised and something really satisfying about how my many lists and chasing up of my assistant means that when Channel 4 repeat  A New Life in The Sun season 8 episodes 21-25 we are ready to welcome new guests and have time to enjoy it all.

The New Life in The Sun Where Are They Now is still awaiting release dates from Channel 4 for 2024 and that episode was filmed 2023 August. We´ve had many emails, messages and booking for Casa KiSi and the apartment in Benalmadena that we were involved with at the time of filming. The apartment is still available and virtually fully booked for summer 2024, however, we can put you in touch with the owners for rates etc and my face will probably be the one checking you in on arrival!

Benalmadena Apartment - La Serena Mar

The series was filmed from January 2022-October 2022, literally the first episode was 2 years ago. happily in our memories now and so much has changed since. Not with Casa KiSi and our beautiful mountain retreat but with our confidence and our mental health, waist size and hair length/colour.  

Unfortunately for better or worse came to mind when my assistant put his wedding trousers on today and we realised just how much weight he has lost, they literally fell off the skinny bastard. the realisation hit that I had no idea I was marrying the largest version of Mr Best ever. the tv does put pounds on you lol and after much thought I was brave enough to try on my wedding dress and it still bloody fitted. Exactly.

So with his new glasses and grey hairs, my new updated husband is still the firm favourite in my world and thankfully quite content with the best mate he married, now a short haired blonde.. x

This is our fifth year of hosting and what started very differently has ended contentedly and we thought we were strolling into the new season at a Spanish pace. Obviously, the universe gave us a push start and apart from my trackies (elastic waisted) and convincing Derik he now stays outside mostly, we are ready for the busiest March yet. Easter falling early has ensured early bookings however the gaps are now predictably filling.

We have changed our catering this year after research and following guests reviews and dietary habits. Our breakfast is now called a luxury continental and is basically all it was before without the menus, with a charcuterie meat and cheese board, variety of bagels, rolls and pastries and eggs!! It´s become a hit already and the flexibility on breakfast times is welcome as we can lay the tables and leave you to it for the morning.  

Unfortunately the full English was a victim of Brexit at Casa KiSi with prices being very anti-English, so it was impossible without a price increase. The majority of our guests, surprisingly, are not English so we hope this doesn’t have too much of an impact on anyone’s stay.  

Our prices have remained the same with more current booking offers going out on the channels. We have removed our direct booking system on the website to let the agents do what they do best and charge for and handle everything . We stick to the day job which gives my skinny assistant much more time for other projects.  

We are off to our local venta for a menu del dia now and I will post pics of the delicious cheap homemade food on my return.

For €10 pp it’s a no brainer for a lunchtime feast only 5 minutes by car or a healthy 20 minute walk as some of our guests have regularly enjoyed through the mountains. The views are stunning and the Sierra Nevada looks as cold as it should be. Skiing in Granada is an hour or so from us.

I have never been a skier but an avid sledger and snowman builder and it used to be my yearly fix of snow with the children each Christmas. I have definitely turned soft (or old) and am happy to look at the coldness now whilst sitting with a sundowner on my terrace.

*forget any food pics of delicious vegetables soup or mixed salad or garlic chicken with alioli and chips, didn’t even bother with the hunk of homemade bread or rice pudding because….


Our season 5 of the podcast has gone down a storm and we have already hit a new target of downloads on you tube.  We really enjoy doing this and as a soft way of advertising its also fun and generally just half hour of what everyday sounds like between me and Mr Best.

We healthily debate, laugh with, and at each other all the time, especially when Mr Best has his latest trip or fall and we work hard at working hard together and separately. We both have other projects we are working on alongside the guest house this year and we are very excited.  

The next blog will have more details about my assistants weekly night away with his first love and that I have encouraged. After all it was what brought us together and remains our mutual interest.

Massive FOMO here whilst I pick up the duties of guest housing but he is doing something he loves and I will be doing also in the next year or so ….. just without music !!! 

 Better get on that diet asap.