MRS BEST´S BLOG: My Glitter Shelf

Guest Status:  1 out, 2 in, and 2 expected. Italian, Polish, English

Attire: Leggings hiding sunburnt legs and hoodie

Weather:  Windy with a hint of summer

Coffee /Cava Tally: Cup of tea..., yes, you read that correctly

I do love it when you get something that you can not live without! You  never had it before and now can´t live without it, let me explain …..

I would like to say its Si, but its not. I could live without him, but I wouldn’t want to. The podcast, series 5, episode 11, would explain why that’s not as harsh as it seems.

Casa Kisi is brilliantly successfully busy busy and functioning, at last, how we always knew it would! So now we can concentrate on my new projects as this one has a big fat tick next to it.

Keep the standard and make any tweaks when needed.

Simon actually came out and admitted he could run this place without me, (WTAF) I on the other hand, could not. The tech side of running a B&B is immense and out of my grandma brain league. I could employ someone to be an assistant however….

My assistant, now to be known as my first assistant, has launched his 2nd business. Something he has always done for friends and recommendations but with a more stable future ahead of us its time to focus on our next chapter and this is his. From someone who doesn’t even know her phone number he can peacefully get on with his own business without me getting involved ! Pretty sure he may have done this deliberately!

So with 1 day free in bookings in May at Casa Kisi and the summer months carrying on in the same way, I needed to get my thinking hat on before boredom set in and start all the ideas I hadn’t got around to starting. I am running an event in June elsewhere, just a few hundred people over 2 days , but that’s a fun project.

Will get on it before changing the menus one last time, not, and installing the air con units which make the house seem like it´s in Lapland for those guests that need to put our carbon footprint firmly on the planet.

The mobile air con units are optional extras, as research and time served in our beautiful retreat, has shown us that the price point for no air con, a ceiling fan and 2 stand fans is enough and air con an added luxury people are quite happy to cover if they choose, therefore not charging everyone for the ice air they don’t want. Big fat less wasted energy tick.

Last organising job of the winter was to re organise our private areas (so many things I could say) and the outdoor cave which has been used for many different purposes, a BBQ / bar / pizza oven / shed / Derik house and now to be changed again. Don’t know why we didn’t think of it before really. But after 5 years in the business, you need to run with these guesthouses to see what is needed and where.

I get fascinated by what I can do with scrap bits and hate throwing anything that could be glittered away. Hence my many cupboards of stuff awaiting THE new idea that social media has shown me. I get a kick out of getting the supplies, attempting the new craft, sometimes creating a beauty for my poor family to fake look chuffed at receiving or, a half-attempted disaster for the bin, but I don’t mind or care, the process is the fun and the creativity is the mindfulness I adore. any crafter would understand.

I am what’s known as a crafting whore, flitting from one love to another with many, many half-started projects blissfully creating one to another depending on the way the wind is blowing.

Current obsession is air dry clay (the great pottery showdown has a lot to answer for), but, like anyone who hasn’t the luxury of a studio or workspace the junk is real.

And I can’t clutter up Casa Kisi under the guise its art anymore! Although my youngest son is moving into his first apartment and I’m sure these tiles would be the perfect housewarming gift?!

My assistant has had to put up with the disorder which is the total opposite of what his OCD demands against the fact that it occupies me for hours, hence, giving him the time to watch football / dexter / golf absolutely nag and list free, has even has tested him at times I’m sure.

The candle making kit he bought me Christmas hasn’t got out of the box yet.

Many guests have enjoyed homemade table mats, menus, and artisan products I have around Casa Kisi and its my hobby.

A classic English tearoom with craft shop and work room for visitors on the side was / is something I would own. However, Axarquia, Malaga, isn’t the place for it, even though our guest house would be perfect to run craft classes like I used too.

I have no plans of returning to a small village in the UK to achieve this dream. The older I am growing the more I am realising that this is one of a very few things I may not achieve.  My choice.

I always said my mum was the type of mum that would chop her arm off for me and then ask what I wanted it for. I pride myself in being that type of mother and wife. As for everyone else outside my circle, well, I wouldn’t chop it off but would maybe lend you it once or twice. I will help anyone until they let me down or lie.

Into the fuck-it bucket in a blink.

No regrets.

I am determined and stubborn in getting what I set my mind on and have achieved many things.

I have been an unforgiving boss, demanding loyalty always and a team leader/manager that would always take one for the team when needed.

I easily place people out of my life with boundaries that will not be replaced by too much empathy.

Once, shame on you, twice shame on …., nope, once is enough because I wouldn’t do that to you.

I have run a successful guest house for nearly 5 years with my husband (for those that don’t know!!)

I have owned a wholesale fruit and vegetable business with 18 staff.

I have owned a diamond shop.

I have written and published a book with 2 more awaiting my finishing touches before publication.

I am writing a nonfiction novel based on true events.

I always want more (this is NOT a bad thing contrary to some beliefs).

I always get more (ask, believe, achieve) this is also NOT a bad thing.

But when it comes to applying my own high standards to my own needs, I will always put them last, like any good mum or wife would. The pandemic was tough. For everyone. And it’s taken 2 years to recover.

Now I’m back on track….

For a long time, I have wanted a room of my own. (and a record player, but that’s another story) I have come close to getting it, but babies, divorce, small homes, pandemic, and money have taken priority.

A fairy-tastic place that no one can enter or organise or judge or even anything. Just my place.

With music and fairy lights.  And even Derik.

And now I have one.

And I don’t know why I didn’t have this space for me before.

I think it’s a two-way gift as my assistant now gets his office back, clutter free from paint brushes and my latest project in different places of drying, gluing, painting and he gets me in my happy place, with a glitter shelf. For hours. Surrounded by my junk. Win. Win.

I even have a ribbon dispenser.

Ópen´for business.

Tea and scones Gratis.

Whilst in my fantastic lady cave!!, I am pondering the latest guest house decisions and with Mr Best cleaning the pool ready for the 28 degree weekend ahead I am not sure what temperature the hot tub should now be set at. When is a hot tub too hot? With the warmer weather on us and the temperature dial on the increase daily we will be at 30/35 in a few weeks so sitting in a hot tub of 38 degrees would not be pleasant surely? But then again the pool at 21 degrees is always the sensible option, suppose it will be a bit like the air con use and down to the guests preference.

Hot tub 38 degrees C, Casa Kisi indoor ambient temp 22 degrees, pool 21 degrees, Andalucia 27 + degrees, London 15, Warsaw 24, Rome 22, and a pleasant reminder why I live here and not opening up a village tea room in a sleepy Surrey village this morning.

See you next time x